Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keep it Short

Here is an interesting piece from an article by Andy Lopata of on the candidates for the UK election that is looming.

He makes the point that most people want the message simply as a slogan and are not interested in details. That is the same for every message or speech.

My favourite saying is "The more you talk the more you dilute your message!'

Here is Andy:

"From a networking perspective, a big factor in deciding who wins the election will rest on a handful of words. The News Channels have been advertising the campaign slogans of the major political parties. The Liberal Democrats' 'Battle Bus', with their campaign slogan 'Change that works for you' proudly pasted across the vehicle and similar coaches and posters from the other major parties, with Labour campaigning under the slogan 'A future fair for all', while the Conservatives are urging the electorate to 'Vote for Change'.

In each case the Parties are attempting to get across in as few words as possible their core message. They know that a large part of the electorate won't listen to much of the detail of the debates, watch Election Broadcasts or read their manifestos. Their best chance of capturing swing votes is to make an impression with a strong phrase that reflects what they stand for."

Dumbing down? Yes, but that is reality.

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