Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hit Me Again!... I can Still Hear Him! - NOW ON SALE

I am pleased to report that my book, twenty years in the writing, is now on sale. It can be bought via the website at:

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The book dispels most of the conventional wisdom on public speaking and is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to communicate to large or small groups on a regular basis. I have done all possible to keep it jargon free and make it a fun, accessable, and informative read for all.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

You Tube Link! - Obama at Notre Dame

OK, I have been critical of Obama recently as I believe that a lot of his White House speeches have been too smooth, and even rushed. I compared him to his original speeches where he was so natural and relaxed.

But look at this clip of his recent talk at Notre Dame university. Hi is back to his best. Everyone was won over because he came across as so believable and honest, whilst talking about what is a very delicate and controversial issue.

Great control of silence. He does not try to talk when they are cheering, He enjoys it and welcomes it.

By way of contrast, see here how Michael Martin, speaker of the House of Commons in the UK, delivers a key statement to the House. The contrast could not be starker - the lack of eye contact, the defensive body language, and the "dead" delivery only serve to emphasise the distance between the speaker and his audience.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here is an interesting article about charisma.

A lot of this article makes sense but it is a cop out to say that some people can mesmerise audiences and others can't. Just like anyone who has some form of hand/eye co-ordination can be coached to do a really successful golf shot, so most humans can be 'taught' some of the principles of mesmerising an audience.

The first concept that has to be accepted is that 'smooth' and 'polished' are disasters. Humans listen because the person talking displays, with confidence, all the human frailties that endear us to a real person talking. It is a weakness to learn to follow rules as laid down by some committee so that you avoid being different but look like everyone else.

More soon.