Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Newsletter

The theme in the newsletter is handling questions well. So many people think they are good at Q&A because they know the answers and are quick with them. The last time it mattered that you knew the answer was the last time you took an exam.

Handling questions is importantly about trust, not expertise. Admitting "I don't know" can be a very powerful answer. It shows that you are honest, that you are confident enough to admit when you do not know. Audiences like that.

What is most important is that you keep the answers short. My suggestion is 35 seconds, maximum. Listeners just do not have the attention span for more. Besides if you keep the answer short you will get a second question, and a third and a fourth and so on. The audience wants more because they are still interested. In other words, they draw the information FROM you. That is where the word education comes from (in latin) to lead out..... not to cram in.